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You have flexibility and your choice of easy tasks. Perform tasks whenever you want – on your way to work, at a café, or at home – and put your spare time to good use. Get started today!

If you dont have account at Flex jobs PK:

  • You just go in top bar and just click on "Signup"

  • Fill Account Details, Personal Details & choose payment method

  • Now just click on SignUp

If you have account at Flex Jobs PK:

  • You just go in top bar and just click on "SignIn"

  • Write your username and password

  • now just click on SignIn

If your account is not logged in then just follow:

  • After signup your account you will received an email

  • you just login in your email account find our email

  • in email content you will see an link

  • just click on this link and verify your account

After sign in your account you need to follow these steps:

  • You see on top bar Find Projects

  • Select project which you want do and click on View Project Details

  • Read project details

  • Now you are in appied project and click on Do Project

  • Now you are in project typing area just type your project in given and submit.

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Male and female or students also apply for online working in our company. Government approved company, work in your free time everyone can do this job No time limit no experience required and No age limit.

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